Triumph Tattoo Studio - Louisville, KY

Tattoo shop located in Louisville KY.  Custom Designs, Hospital Sterilization, High Quality Work, and Fair Prices. 

Triumph - A significant or noteworthy achievement; instance or occasion of victory.

Triumph Tattoo was opened in 2013 with three simple concepts in mind; High Quality Work, Great Customer Service, and Fair Prices. We are a locally owned Tattoo studio located in the heart of the Highlands just outside of downtown Louisville. 

We know getting tattooed is painful, so we strive to make the rest of your experience as painless as possible. Our talented artists offer tattooing in all styles as well as cover-ups and re-works. We strive to make every tattoo unique  our artists would be more than happy to design something custom for you. 

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday-Thursday 12-8 pm

Friday & Saturday 12-10 pm

We are closed on Sunday and Monday



Clean - Talented- Friendly- Triumphant